Snorkeling in Vieques, Puerto Rico

As you can see, we have devoted an entire website for sharing our love affair with Vieques, a small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico.  One of our favorite things to do in Puerto Rico is snorkeling on the waters of Vieques.    The waters are clear and you will find many spots around the island with great snorkeling.

The sister island of Culebra offers the best snorkeling overall, but we have some very special memories in Vieques as a family.  Our son snorkeled for the first time in Vieques and every time we reminisce we have a full smile on our faces. We can’t help but re-tell the story to each other of our oldest son (when he was 5 years old)  managing to sing with a snorkel mask while snorkeling on La Chiva (Blue Beach).  He was so happy and entertained, we can’t believe he stayed on the water that long without wanting something to eat or saying he was bored.  For families with small children, Vieques offers beaches with calm shallow waters where kids can safely play, swim and snorkel.  Vieques will always be our favorite place to snorkel together as a family that we’ll go back again and again to create more memories.