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San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto RicoSan Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, the most popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico;  the most romantic, unique and charming city in the Caribbean.    Growing up on the west coast of Puerto Rico, San Juan was always our favorite trip during the summer. Walking around El Morro and the streets of Old San Juan was always magical.  Today as an adult, I get to share beautiful San Juan with my husband and children and continue to create unforgettable memories.  I never get tired of visiting El Viejo San Juan, it’s beaches, the plazas and the breathtaking promenades along the San Juan Bay.  We love San Juan so much we decided to dedicate an entire site to our capital city in order to share our passion with the world. We hope you enjoy our new website, we hope it inspires you to visit, we are confident you’ll come to love it as much as we do.